Search and Rescue Training

Disaster Management is a holistic approach which involves stakeholders from community to policy planners, in all phases of disaster management. For making any state disaster resilient, it is essential to empower the community with the necessary skills to cope with any emergency situation. Disaster risk can be reduced through well prepared community.In 2010 with a view to strengthen community based disaster management, Department of Disaster Management, Government of Uttarakhand started a 10 day training program on awareness, search & rescue and first aid training at the Nyaya Panchayat level, as the Nyaya Panchayat is the intermediary administrative unit between the development block and the village, and disaster management related works could be executed more effectively from there.Under this program, 25 people from each Nyaya Panchayat are selected and trained by a group of instructors in first aid and search &rescue techniques for 10 days.till date around 14550 people trained through 582 programs with fair representation of women.