Uttrakhand Bhookamp App

Uttrakhand Bhookamp give alert to user with notification and and if greater than 4 gives sound to alert. and peoples have sufficient time to hide or move on safe place themself of person within time to safe form and cause. user may download this app Android users from Google play store and iOS user can download from App Store. also can get direct play store link from QR scanner.

Features :
  • Gives you early warning for the damaging earthquakes with magnitude greater than 5.0
  • Gives Notificatios for non-damaging earthquakes with magnitude less than 5.0
  • Warning of few seconds can save your life.
  • Uttarkhand is an earthquake prone region.
  • This app also help USDMA to rescue you if needed.
  • App share your location with USDMA, if you need help after the earthquake.